Why do we want you to know this? Because unlike our competitors, we have nothing to hide. We want you to know how to spot a trustworthy mortgage provider so you can circle back and choose Nations Choice Mortgage for your next home purchase or mortgage refinance.

All the dishonest tricks a mortgage provider may use (price low-balling, price omissions, overcharging, etc.) are designed to do one thing – increase their fees and profit.

Most mortgage companies have a vested interest in limiting or filtering the information they give you so they can make their loans look better, whether they are or not. Some of the ways they do this is by not revealing their fees until required by law, by not telling you about rebates they’ll receive from the lender, by lying about when the loan has been locked, and by increasing their fee if you lock just before closing – to name just a few.

Spotting A Trustworthy Mortgage Provider
A trustworthy mortgage provider tells you upfront their set fee for services – freezing their fee; then they disclose the loan wholesale prices they receive from lending banks and pass them onto you. Since every trick and scam you are vulnerable to is designed to increase a lender’s profit, freezing the fee and revealing the wholesale rates completely eliminates the potential for dishonesty.

Most providers won’t tell you their fee for services until required by law (after submitting an application) – At Nations Choice Mortgage we tell you upfront.

Nations Choice Mortgage is in the business to help our customers avoid these practices and make sure they get the best possible rates and fees for their next home purchase or mortgage refinance.. Below is how we can prove it!

Never Pay More Closing Costs Than You Were Quoted
In a recent homeowner survey, 76% said they paid higher closing costs and fees than what they were quoted.

Even though all mortgage providers know the fees of the lenders they do business with, this statistic shows that many companies take advantage of their customers by raising closing costs at the last minute.

Which is why NationsChoice Mortgage guarantees the costs and fees for the loan we quote you will be the same you’ll pay at closing – period.

Nations Choice Mortgage Loan Guarantees:
Look for these things when choosing your next mortgage provider:

  1. Upfront disclosure of lender fees and your closing costs in writing.
  2. Full disclosure of wholesale loan prices (rates and points).
  3. You receive the best wholesale price available on the day the loan is locked.
  4. We provide a written copy of the rate lock confirmation.
  5. We shop lenders on your behalf for the best loan price and services.
  6. We advise you on loan programs that best meet your needs, and how to overcome potential barriers to loan qualification.
  7. Guaranteed Accurate Lender Fees: Your total lender fees will be precisely the same as (or less than) the total amount indicated on your Good Faith Estimate or we’ll pay you $500.00.
  8. Guaranteed On-Time Closing: Your loan will close on the scheduled close of escrow date or we’ll credit $300.00 towards your costs at closing.
  9. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not 100% satisfied and you decide to cancel your approved loan application with us, we’ll give you a $100.00 check.

If your mortgage lender cannot promise you these guarantees then you haven’t found a mortgage lender you can trust.

Contact NationsChoice Mortgage today for more information about or customer guarantees and find out what makes us the Nations most trusted mortgage lender.


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